Planes killed Kong, curosity killed the cat... nothing killed JoltKombat.


Kombation: Electron VS. Orange08


Kombation: Electron VS. Orange08
Start Date: 11 / 5 / 2010
Deadline: 12 / 6 / 2010

  Hey there, I'm Zack Harmon, aka Electron.  I'm sort of an unknown game developer, which is why I'm really proud to be part of the first Jolt Kombat!  I'm just a 13 year-old kid who uses Game Maker, and yeah... I personally think my opponent is going to lose badly, for I have skills up my sleeve nobody knows about.  Be prepared Orange08 (opponent), you've got a rough month ahead of you. >:D

 Orange, you're going down, and guess what:  I bet you're some 14 year old fatty, while I'm a nice and young 13 year old.  You know the saying (sorta): The older they are, the harder they fall! >:D  Prepare to be pulverized!

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