Planes killed Kong, curosity killed the cat... nothing killed JoltKombat.



[Edit - Nevermind this post. Zack gave me another chance to upload it.]

You may be wondering why I haven't uploaded my JK entry. Here's why:

Last night at 10:30 I got on GJ to upload the finished project. It all went well up until I tried to upload the .exe file. The progress bar immediately jumped to 100% completetion, but it took literally about 4 or 5 minutes before I finally got the prompt that the file had been updated. So once it had supposedly finished, I tried to download the game file to make sure everything worked alright. It didn't. I got a 403 error page about "you are forbidden to access this file How_v1_0.exe...."

(Might I note that nobody was on the chat at the time, so I couldn't get any help with this issue.)

So I tried to upload it again on GJ. It did exactly the same thing - it took forever and I got a 403 error upon downloading. So as a desperate backup plan, I tried to upload it on YYG. Again, everything worked fine until I uploaded the .exe. Then the progress bar suddenly jumped to 100% and took ages to upload. I finally just gave up on it.

tl;dr: I couldn't upload the file.
So there you have it. I'm sad to say, but I concede to WITS due to technical difficulties. Very sorry to disappoint. :(

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