Planes killed Kong, curosity killed the cat... nothing killed JoltKombat.


ShadowWolf VS Comico

After a long, weird conversation involving many fully-capitalised sentences, Comico and I have agreed on a few ground rules.
1. The deadline is the 20th of January, which is the latest possible deadline, so I understand.
2. While GM8 can be used, its .png alpha availability cannot be used, as that is unfair on me. I do not own GM8 as I am too poor, and people tend to vote on the quality of the graphics. You are so very stupid.
3. If Comico wins, he is allowed to say my real name on the GameJolt chat once and only once.
4. There is no limit to how long each day either of us can spend working on our game.
I don't have any screenshots of my game as of yet; all I can tell you is that it is called "Nobody Likes Comico". I'm original like that.


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