Planes killed Kong, curosity killed the cat... nothing killed JoltKombat.


precision platformers

so, QWAHG... you decided to accept my challenge. WRONG MOVE! instead, you should've just sat back and made another tiny-sprited precision platformer and, wait a minute that was the sound of you deleting your game and restarting wasn't it?

anyway. you're going down QOG. simply put, while you release a game similar to you're previous ones, i will release pure awesomeness, which will kill your game, take it's babies and feed them my game's babies who are good at stuff.

i am going to kick your lower, lower, back region.


  1. Have you gone over the rules (how much time you'll have to complete the game and stuff)? If so, please post it so we can expect stuffs. :D

  2. You did a few grammar fails... so you'll probably fail at beating QOG too :D

  3. rubbish talking requires an individual to be most grammatically incorrect.

  4. by the way, we're still talking rules. i'm sure limited palette is going to be one of them.