Planes killed Kong, curosity killed the cat... nothing killed JoltKombat.


Progress Update

So...15 days after the contest has begun, I have accomplished the following in regards to my project:

  1. I came up with an idea
  2. I didn't like it
  3. I came up with another idea
  4. I built an engine for it
  5. I liked it
  6. I didn't know where to take it
  7. I gave up on it
  8. I suddenly got an idea for a character today
  9. I drew the character in GM
  10. It gave me an idea
  11. I built a quick engine/prototype for previously-mentioned idea
  12. I liked it and I might end up finishing it

Pretty impressive, eh? 12 whole bullet points. Of awesomeness. And ideas. And stuff. How can WITS possibly compete with that?

(In all seriousness, maybe I'll whip up a demo for y'all soon.)

1 comment:

  1. Good luck, I hope you can finish your game before the deadline.