Planes killed Kong, curosity killed the cat... nothing killed JoltKombat.


SLASH ~ The game oranges all over fear- including Orange08

     SLASH, a game based around surviving, playing as a young teenage girl named Eva, who is locked away from all civilization in 'The Base'.  She awakes in this nightmarish world without a clue of anything going on.  She is left with one object: a small silver dagger with a glowing lust.  Eventually she finds that this object is her key to survival, when weird creatures start to appear around her.  These creatures only have one goal: kill her.  She must fight her way back to her world through a series of perilous events.  Can she make it home?
     Orange08 knows he will lose, just looking at some of these screens he knows he stands not a chance.



  1. Purty gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol, that's the girl you made for Monsta Mash! The failed HUGE collab. May have a record for the fastest dying collab ever...

  2. Haha! Those screenshots look so sucky :D ...
    This post gave me even MORE confidence >:D

  3. Are you serious? XD You must have really bad eyesight, I'd consider laser-eye surgery. If you can't tell how much better my game looks (and plays) than yours, you're really messed up. Hopefully your 'game' is actually playable when it's released, maybe in our dreams at least...

  4. Yeah yeah, elecnub.. go ahead and try to muster up some confidence in yourself.
    But also dwell on the fact that you have released nothing but a bunch of (very) ugly screenshots.. while I released an awesome WIP! (getting positive feedback from practically everyone!... One person seemed to really dislike the awesomeness of my game... who? YOU!)