Planes killed Kong, curosity killed the cat... nothing killed JoltKombat.


Spydog is in the House!

Hey hey hey everyone! I go by the name Spydog. And I make games. Just because I want to.

A mini-bio: I am a Christian teenage homeschooler. I have made 13 games. Some of them are good. I enjoy coming up with innovative game concepts.

Now, the reason I am here: to prove my game-making superiority over WITS, a fellow indie developer. He has also been known to go by "W!TS" (the exclamation point is evidently to add some excitement to an otherwise fairly dull abbreviation) or "Guest 97354" (because he would rather be ID'd than have a real username).

The plan: WITS and I will each make a game before December 6th. And then we shall see whose project is awesomer. So...let the battle begin!


  1. Hurrah for Christian game developers! :D
    I'm a Christian too. Good luck with your battle!

  2. This is gonna be a beast battle. But in all honesty, I think W!TS is gonna dominate. :D

  3. Now I need to support Elec and WITS because both Orange and SpyDog have separated "game developers" from "Christian game developers".